Mountainrallye-Seasonbeginn 2017

 Itis the 19th of March 2017 and the first race in Lodersdorf bei Feldbach starts for the MSC-Neudauberg with the driver Herbert Neubauer.The racecar was ready for the first input in season 2017.We arrived at 7.30 am and it was time to unload the red Lancia Delta Integralle 16V.The weather was sunny and it was a great temperature for us all.HERBERT NEUBAUER BEAT REINHOLD PRANTL FOR THE FIRST TIME,WHO DRIVES A PORSCHE 911 CARRERA CS!!!His luck went on and on and there was only one second for the first place away.But Neubauer stayed at place two.His first goal was done.Now he waits with a lot of motivation for the next race on the 2nd of april 2017 in Pollauberg."We°re ready to drive fast again!",says PAPA
                                                                           Malu Neubauer.
March 19 2017, MSK-Neudauberg

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