Education-the pathway to understanding and cooperation in the 21st century

On December 14, at the Russian Cultural Center hosted a round table discussion with participation of First Deputy "the Moscow house of compatriots" Kaplun Yuri Ilyich. Topic:"Education - the pathway to understanding and cooperation in the 21st century".Representatives of the VARS spoke about the work of the Russian schools of the weekend day in the Republic of Austria,the importance and significance of a professional approach in such a specific sector as bilingual education.In speech at the forum First vice-president "MSK-Neudauberg" Svetlana Neubauer-Sokolik also noted to necessity for more intensive cooperation with Austrian educational institutions,and spoke about the Club's plans to organize joint educational activities with Travel school of the Simering in the 2017 academic year.Also met with the Director of the Russian Cultural centre of Slovakia T. S. Mishukovskaya,during which the parties agreed to continue the fruitful cooperation (started in Austria) in Bratislava the next year, together with the Slovak sports clubs (partners of the "MSK-Neudauberg").
December 18 2016, MSK-Neudauberg

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