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Kuzurigym is martial arts and fighting sports club founded in 2012 by Ivan Pálfy in Nitra. This gym is focus on training MMA, Grappling and Jiu Jitsu. In gym train 12 active members. Kuzuri gym has a 3 satelite gyms in Šala,Bratislava and Vráble. In this year was Kuzurigym participates on competitions like Global Grappling in Šiofok Hungary July 2016( Ivan Palfy 2nd place in Gi Grappling Jiu jitsu category 90-100 kg, 3th in No Gi Grappling, Dalibor Urban 1st place in Gi Grappling Jiu Jitsu 60-65kg, 2nd place in No Gi Grappling, Zoran Polimac 3th place in Gi grappling Jiu Jitsu.) Global Grappling Hatvan September 2016 - Adrian Kulena - 1th place Combat grappling (category such as Kyokushin )  60 65 kg , Branislav Beger 2nd place  in NO gi Grappling 65 70 kg.Ivan Palfy 2nd place in No gi grappling 100kg, 3th place Gi Grappling Jiu jitsu 100kg and 3th place in  Gi Grappling Open category 83+. Komarno Cage fighting November 2016 MMA Amateur Tournament Alex Andrasko 80 kg MMA 1th place Win by K.O. 1 round in 12 seconds,  Patrik Mesaros 90 kg MMA Win by KO in 1 round. 
December 10 2016, MSK-Neudauberg

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